PakTurk Schools maintain impressive standing

ISLAMABAD: Despite facing major administrative changes over the past few months, the Pakistani teachers at Pak-Turk schools and colleges across the country have successfully maintained the standards laid down by the Turkish founders of the institutions.

Owing to the pressure from Turkish government last year, Pakistani authorities asked many Turkish teachers to leave the country. This was a major setback to PakTurk schools which were dependant on the highly qualified teaching faculty from Turkey.

However, Chairman of Board Pakturk Foundation, Alamgir Khan took this challenge from the forelock and maintained the high standard of education.

The successful handling of the crisis is evident from the fact that the new Pakistani administration established new school campuses in Rawalpindi and Multan.

At present, there are 26 schools in 10 cities where 10774 students are currently enrolled for 2017-18 as compared to 10220 students during 2016-17.

Recently, the Pak-Turk students secured third position in Balochistan board in SSC II, first position in Sukkur Board (medical) in HSSC II, first position in Sukkur board (engineering) in HSSC II, third pos ition  in federal board (engineering)  in HSSC II by a Pak-turk , chak Shahzad campus student.

Pak-Turk students also participated in International Olympiad and events, won medals in Math competition in Thailand, and Global round in World Scholars cup in Vietnam.

A Pak-Turk student from Khairpur secured third position in Science Olympiad held in China. A student from Lahore campus of PakTurk represented the school at a Science Olympiad in USA and secured a medal.

Students also participated in IYPT in Singapore and more will participate in World Scholars Cup to be held in Yales, Conneticut, USA in November.–PR


Participants of NDU workship briefed on POF role

WAH CANTT: The participants of 19th National Security Workshop at the National Defence University, Islamabad headed by DG Institute for Strategic Studies Research Analysis (ISSRA) Maj Gen. Muhammad Samrez Salik visited Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) on Friday.

Briefing the delegation, Usman Ali Bhatti, Director Exports, said that POF is a vital defence installation of Pakistan and mandated to meet the defence requirements of the country in war and peace. He said that the POF is also playing an important role in strengthening the country’s economy by exporting surplus production capacity to more than 40 friendly countries around the globe.

He said that in the present war on terror, the POF has met enhanced demands of Pakistan Army in terms of arms and ammunition despite many challenges. He said that in order to make the organisation self-sufficient and to equip it with modern technologies, joint venture with various countries of the world are under consideration.

During questions-answer session, members of delegation asked many questions about the defence industrial complex. Lt Gen Umar Farooq Durrani, HI(M) Chairman POF Board gave detailed answer of each question.–PR

The participants were taken around some selected production units of POF where they took keen interest in the manufacturing process of POF Products. They praised the high standard of POF Products and called it a role model and example for other institutions of the country.

The participants of the delegation included Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Ch. Tanvir Khan, MNA Asiya Naz Tanoli, MNA Amjad Ali Khan, MNA Mehboob Alam, MPA Shehryar Malik, MPA Mannan Khan and Representative of civil society and senior army officers.