KARACHI - Pakistani and US governments should be sensitive to the plight of Pakistani mother Dr Aafia Siddiqui and show mercy on her, said Dr Fowzia Siddiqui, Aafia Movement leader, on the occasion of the World Heart Day, commemorated on September 29 the world over.

Fowzia said Aafia’s solitary confinement was unjust. “She is even not allowed a phone call to her family on both the Eids,” she regretted. She said that Pakistani rulers were inflicted by a spiritual disease, which, she reasoned, was the root cause of delay in Aafia’s release.

She further said that Pakistanis belonging to every walk of life had been demanding the release of Aafia ever since her kidnapping.  She was of the view that if Aafia was released, this would augur well for Pak-US relationship, and an atmosphere of trust and friendship would be built between the two countries.

She reiterated that the release of innocent mother would also send a positive message to the peace lovers, right activists and civil societies of the world.

Talking about cardiac disease, Dr Fowzia said that this was a serious disease, but added that many other dreadful diseases also existed in our society due to rampant political and social injustices and wrongdoings of our elite class.

She stressed the need for upholding justice at every level.

Dr Fowzia urged that a healthy lifestyle be adopted to ward off the heart diseases. She said that rulers had no funds and vision to cope with growing number of diseases, including heart disease.