ISLAMABAD -  Lawmakers often call the parliament a “debating club” as consensus decisions on important issues hardly ever get implemented.

The legislators from both sides of the aisle, around 10 days ago, in addition to passing a resolution in support of the Rohingyas, also spoke of setting up a special fund for the assistance of the oppressed minority in Myanmar, but no progress has been made so far on this front.

It was the main sentence of almost all lawmakers in their speeches, during discussion over atrocities on Rohingyas in the parliament, that was the urgency to “take some practical steps” for the oppressed.

These lawmakers, after delivering emotional fiery speeches though unanimously got a resolution passed but so far no practical step to open a fund has been taken.

The parliamentarians from the National Assembly and the Senate, around two weeks ago, had passed a strongly-worded resolution reaffirming ” Pakistan’s unwavering support to them for realisation of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights”.

The resolution also deplored the systematic and organised destruction of villages and homes of the Rohingyas.

These MNAs suggested to the government that passing a resolution would not make real change so concrete measures should be taken to provide some “comfort” to the Muslim minority.

Some MNAs also proposed to visit crisis-hit Myanmar and to personally observe the situation on the ground.

However, this trip is yet to be finalised.

The sessions of both the houses, --- National Assembly and the Senate, were prorogued, after two days of passing the resolution and thorough debate on atrocities, but no concrete measure has been taken.

President Mamnoon Hussain has now summoned another National Assembly session on Monday.

Some of the lawmakers, before passing a resolution in the last session also suggested donating salaries of one month for the neglected Muslims of Myanmar.

But this suggestion too reportedly has yet to be acted upon.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab, while talking to The Nation, said that the matter of opening a special fund was discussed in the last session.

“The lawmakers had passed a resolution against the atrocities committed against Rohingya Muslims,” he said, admitting that no special fund was set up as yet.

The 47th NA session, Aftab said, had been summoned.

The issue could again be discussed in it, he added.

A good number of lawmakers, according to the Election Commission of Pakistan, are billionaires who can easily afford to donate their salaries for a humanitarian cause such as the crisis in Myanmar.