KARACHI - Today the world is witnessing a massive genocide of the Muslims of the Myanmar at the hands of Myanmar regime, army and extremist Buddhists. This was stated by Mansoor Alhallaj Foundation Chairman Nazeer Ahmed Channa while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Friday. He said that the UNO Security Council, OIC and other authorities were practically sleeping on this issue; that is why thousands of Rohingya Muslims were affected.  It was only Turkish leader Ardugan's wife and the Malaysian Prime Minister who visited Bangladesh to see the plight of the Arakanies Muslims who brave murders, rapes and burning of their houses with full impunity.  He said that he will lead a delegation of likeminded writers to Bangladesh to visit the camps of the Rohingya Muslims and write a report on the atrocities of the Myanmar regime and send it to the world forums.

They demanded an open trial of the Myanmar culprits in the International Court of justice at the Hague for the cases of these murders, rape and burning on the similar basis on the Nuremberg trial of German warmongers and friends of Hitler after the end of second world war.