The new government is working religiously to strengthen the country's diplomatic position. Despite India's regressive attitude towards the obvious happenings in Karachi, Pakistan is adamant to improve ties with not just India but the United States of America (USA) and Afghanistan too. Successive governments have emphasised on the need of dialogue and peace process with India, however, the lack of enthusiastic response from the neighbour injures the process. The continuous effort of the Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, to emphasise that war is not the solution should prompt India to join the dialogue table again.

There is already a significant amount of improvement in the relations with Afghanistan. The last government ensured a continuous dialogue process which improved the bilateral ties and brought them together to understand the need to end the war by negotiating it with the Taliban. Pakistan has played a vital role in fighting the war on terror and losing many of its own people in the process. The demand from the Pakistani side has always been, be it Afghanistan or the USA, to acknowledge Pakistan's services in this war instead of cornering it to make it the scapegoat for the lack of control in the Afghan territory.

The involvement of the USA at the negotiation table will improve the outlook of the region. The Taliban have been avoiding the negotiation table due to the absence of the USA. Their involvement at this point will result in a well chalked out plan for peace in the region. A country which was involved back in the day must be involved in chalking out a feasible peace process. The USA also has the capacity to bring India to the negotiation table. Kashmir will always be a bone of contention between the two countries and if that is not addressed, improvement in bilateral ties will always be a far stretched dream.

The stability of this region depends highly on the improvement in ties without coercion. Pakistan has maintained friendly ties with China due to its constant support in the global political regime. The USA needs to develop a framework which does not impose any foreign policy layouts on Pakistan, rather is a step towards improving regional peace and improving ties between both countries. The interaction with the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells shows the inclination of the country to work out a solution, however, its materialisation will be the deciding factor of how invested the countries are in this project.