Some countries are like Chameleons who change their color to fit well and benefit from other countries. For example, India joined and remained part of the non-aligned movement from day one. However, it’s bent was more toward Soviet led Eastern block. While reaping full benefits from the Soviet block, India kept gaining significant benefits from the West too. All along, it also enjoyed trade and defence trade benefits from many prominent Muslim countries such as Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. In the post-cold war era, with breakup of the USSR and the diminishing clout of Russians, India very cleverly started leavening West. It started getting close to US to strengthen its economic and defence ties. The US for its own selfish purpose is leaning toward India, ignoring Pakistan. The Ind-US relations have been cemented through many trade and defence agreement including sale of hig-tech military equipment to India and it’s possible inclusion in the international nuclear suppliers’ group. It appears, the US is building a coalition to broaden its influence in South East Asia and to block increasing Chinese influence. Pakistan needs to be watchful and consolidate its relation with China, while keep good terms with US to remain an important player in the region. 


Islamabad, September 7.