For Pakistan to survive as sovereign independent modern welfare state, the only doctrine that we must adopt in letter and spirit is that given by Quaid-e- Azam and not Zia or Musharraf doctrines. State sovereignty and writ of law must prevail over every individual, group or institution; otherwise there will be a state within the state, leading to chaos and disintegration. 

The present war against terrorists, who kill citizens of Pakistan, attack mosques, and other places of worship or schools etc is an attack against sovereignty and constitutional rights of citizens. This is a war which every public office holder and institution of state must own and work unitedly with all resources at our disposal to win. 

It was our involvement by Zia junta in Afghan War, which we should never have been involved in. Zia compromised state sovereignty by giving sanctuary to alien fighters, who continued to live here, long after US and its allies departed, having achieved their specific objectives. As if this was not enough, Musharraf once again got us involved in US war launched by President Bush, following 9-11 tragedy, giving bases and logistic support. In retaliation Pakistan faced a backlash by TTP, who was financed and armed by our enemies across the border. The unaudited billions of dollars given for covert operations remain unaccounted for, while state economy has suffered losses in range of $80bn. 

Pakistan has been subjected to attacks repeatedly by terrorists for over a decade, with over 70,000 citizens and members of our security services killed. We must own this war and exterminate each and every insurgent, who refuses to lay down arms and challenges writ of state with their private armed militias exercising control on any part of our territory. However innocent citizens must not be harassed nor persecuted. 


Lahore, September 7