Pakistan, having numerous hopes after approval of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, seems quite changed in some of the aspects in particular. I.e, creating some different teams for departments like Civil Service Commission, Criminal departments etc. He, in his first speech as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, described the on going critical issues of Pakistan that have been the causes of Pakistan's backwardness in the International forum. Secondly, his decision of having his all bullet proof cars auctioned, leaving two after security report, which can have an income price of approximately more than one million. Mainly, creating the Prime Minister house as a research university is appreciated for Pakistan requires some educational reforms in any part of the state since the students in Pakistan have come through various issues relating to their education. In conclusion, Pakistan, under Mr. Khan's leadership, may have some prosperous and Important changes that may take Pakistan in the list most developed countries all around the world during his tenure. 


Via email, September 7.