GENEVA (PR)  International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) along with WURN organised a well-attended seminar on “Women Advocacy in Conflicts”.

The seminar was an effort to highlight this reality that women rights get trampled in conflict situations. The support for protection of women survivors of violence in conflict zones is inadequate and non-existent worldwide, the speakers highlighted.

The audience heard a women human rights defender, Advocate Deepika Singh Rajwat from the conflict zone of Jammu and Kashmir. She narrated the gruesome tale of eight-year-old innocent Asifa who was gang raped and finally murdered brutally by hitting her head with a stone.

The Advocate continued to defend the victim and sought justice in different courts. The brave lawyer pleaded: “We must always stand on the right side for the victims,“ adding that she would continue the mission in spite of threats and harassment.

The others who shared their opinions included Julie ward MEP, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Maria Zucas, Jennifer Isobel Mackay. Prof Shagufta Ashraf chaired and moderated the international conference.