LAHORE - The Drugs Testing Laboratories of Punjab has declared 92 brands of medicines spurious, which may cause health problems. According to a report, the drug inspectors had collected 550 samples of different medicines from the market during the last two months and sent them for laboratory tests. The drugs labs declared that 92 brands including injections and many important medicines were spurious and unfit for patients. However, the provincial drug control unit of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, on the recommendations of the Provencal Quality Control Board, called for recalling all such medicines to save the patients from any complications. The Quality Control Board Punjab has advised consumers, distributors, hospitals administrations and retailers to recall the medicines of the batch and send the stock position to Chief Drug Controller Office to take further action.   Meanwhile, it was learnt from the Drugs Regulatory Authority Pakistan that many brands of whitening creams have also been declared unfit for human skin.