Our politicians passed a resolution in the parliament that they all stand by the Kashmiris in the Indian held Kashmir during these tough times. However, unfortunately, this show of solidarity had a short life. The moment they were out of the house, all parties started beating their own drum.

Some thought that the resolution was not strongly worded, while others think that the government did not do enough to plead the case internationally. The government on the other hand keeps beating the bush that what they did was never done before. In short, the much-trumpeted solidarity between government and opposition does not exist at all. They vote in favor of the resolution to look good in eyes of public and then soon after start scoring points by hitting at their opponent or bragging about their achievements. For example, PPP leaders state that they have been taking the strongest stance for Kashmir issue since inception.

Maulana Fazalur Rehman, the perpetual member of Kashmir committee until recently has his own claim to fame. The JI flaunts about their efforts in struggle of Kashmiris. Similarly, PMLN thinks they are the torch bearers of the Kashmir cause. Now the champions of change, like many other things, claim that they have done for Kashmir what others could not.

I wonder if even half of all these claims is true, why hasn’t there been any movement toward resolution of the issue? On the contrary, life of people in the IHK is become a living hell every passing day. I believe the day we will all be united and serious about solving the issue, we will find a way to settle it.