A child, having a pretty face, innocent character, negligible age and indistinguishable to the society, however, has been victimized of pernicious and an evil eye. Excessively the problem is predominating over the children, and picking up on a worst shape.

However, if we peep into the recent incidents in the regards of child rape and murder, we will find innumerable and untold cases without appropriate cure, Specifying from Zainab of Qasur till Rukhsana and Zahira Mangi of Sindh having quite footling age. These all aforementioned names has been beastly victimized of rape, murder and then thrown as a debris.

As per my personal analysis, the children of today, under the age of 10 years have been targeted into the gun scope of today’s rapscallion and worst group of people. Consequently it does not only snatches the precious innocent youngish smiles, but also severely affects the society which eventually results the devastation, extermination and threat over the young generation of running era.

Apart from this, the government, human rights organisations, child protection organisations and UNICEF have seemingly been silent spectators. Why this serious problem has been ignored? Why instead of cure the pain killer is being given? why not everlasting and perpetual legislation is made against?

Nevertheless, being a common citizen of Islamic republic of Pakistan, I appeal and beseech to the authoritative and the responsible that, this destructive and critical situation should not be overlooked and disvalued, though a dire need of concern is required in order to save extravagant lives of innocent children of this generation.