Women are the most essential contributors to our society, yet are subjected to various forms of violence. The recent case of rape on the motorway has left the nation high and dry and posed a big question mark on our justice system. History is witnessed: in the democratic state, the woman is always treated as sub-human.

I have been researching since the 2000s about these brutalities. Various girls, women and children have been raped. The first-rate instance of this is the Mukhtaran Bibi’s incident.  This incident went upfront of the judges of different courts, but she couldn’t get justice. Another case, Kainat Soomro, the 13-year-old girl, was kidnapped and the same brutality happened with her as well. Nonetheless, the offenders got retribution but still, the wounds are not parched in the hearts of their parents.

This sexual abuse is building up steadily. Thus, our justice system must take vigorous action against the rapists to decimate these vicious acts from the country of the Islamic Republic. 

It is the obligation of our justice system to control the brutalities across the country, but it is lamented that they are underhanded.