We believe stories that have never been lived. We hear lies as the only truth around. We see a reality that has no existence. We create a future that has no past. We give life to accounts that have no ground. Yet, we believe as if it is all. Our present. Past. And the future. 

The social media sells its baked narrative to us. The television shows us fashioned images. The neighborhood screams out tales of the society. The family members whisper out their stories of pain. We go through everyday loaded with information and data that has no authentic source, yet we cite it as authentic letting it shape our reality. We believe others as if they are the custodians of our lives. We clog our minds with stories that are sold to us so conveniently. Yet, not for once do we question whether all that we hear, expose ourselves to is even true for a second. We create our own truth. The truth that takes us away from the very reality that is yet to be comprehended. Without realizing we are entitled to our own opinions, not facts.

Our everyday conversations are built around words that fail to let us scrutinize facts from fiction. The opinions that are plastered and presented as appealing facts. The echoes that reach our minds making the loudest noise. The images that are exhibited not knowing they are only part of a story. The conclusions that are published without adding in their context. The characters that are crucified without knowing their theme. Yet, we think we have known all the rules very well.

Our minds are outlets that house and breed the narratives flushed into them, creating a whirlpool of knowledge that often disrupts out cognitive ability. Yet, we sway into stories of falsehood. Our mind is the gateway to influencing our actions, yet we let it be contaminated. Our thoughts are manipulated by tales, yet we carry them around as a cherished treasure. Our visions are programmed to appear a certain way, yet we live our lives achieving them. Yet, we think we are playing our game so well.

Our behavior is controlled by the narratives we hear, falsified or screwed yet we live up to them. Our actions speak of those ideologies yet we let them take over us. Our mindset reeks of the poison yet we think of it as being so pure. Yet, we think it is going too well.

It’s time to break the rules, all those rules that have compelled us to feel encaged. All the orders that have limited our development. All those whispers that have pushed us back. All those spectacles that have robbed us of reality. All those mandates that have taken away our vision. All those compulsions that have crucified our thinking.

It’s time to break all rules.