Gang violence and gang-rape has been a matter of serious concern in Pakistan for so many years. The heinous act of rape has snatched many lives. It has deep roots in Pakistan since its inception. Since 2000, hundreds of women and teenagers have been gang-raped. Mukhtara Mai in 2002 was gang-raped by the feudalists of the village. She raised her voice and the matter went to the courts as well but she did not get justice. Kainat Soomro, another 13-year old schoolgirl was kidnapped and gang-raped. The process did not stop here but it continued and still is happening across the country. There are so many other cases as well: Shazia Khalid from Balochistan to Zainab from Kasur, all were kidnapped and raped brutally. Though the culprits were punished yet the wounds are still fresh in the hearts of parents and people. Recently, a woman with her children, who was travelling from Lahore to Gujranwala via motorway, was gang-raped when her car was out of fuel and waiting for someone to help. 

Pakistan has made certain legislation to stop such brutal acts but they bore no fruit. Section 375 of Pakistan Penal Code stated that girls younger than fourteen years are prohibited from sex. In addition, the 2006 Women Protection Bill and Zainab Alert Bill 2019 were passed by the National Assembly to stop such brutal acts but it seems that all of them are limited to paperwork only. Gang-rape is increasing day by day despite the preventive measures. Therefore, the government should take timely steps to eradicate this disease.