Rawalpindi     -   Pakistan National Heart Association organised a special walk on World Heart Day here on Tuesday.

The walk was attended by a large number of political representatives, teachers, students, lawyers, businessmen, medical organisations, civil society and journalists. Walk participants reaffirmed their commitment to lead a healthy life by quitting smoking, sugary drinks and fats and appealed to the government to formulate an effective strategy to keep smoking and sugary drinks out of the reach of the people. Seminars and walks were organised in which people from all walks of life participated. The purpose of the walk was to create awareness among the people about heart disease and precautions. 

On the occasion, the participants of the walk said in their speech that World Heart Day was started in 1999 and is observed all over the world, including Pakistan, on September 29. The purpose of this event is to tell people that heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death among other causes. The loss of precious human life due to heart attack every one and a half minutes in Pakistan is a matter of concern. The use of tobacco, sugar and fatty products is a major factor in the development of heart diseases.

On this occasion, social organisations appealed that World Heart Day promotes awareness of preventive measures to reduce the risk of heart disease. Awareness seminars are organised every year under the auspices of Pakistan National Heart Association to provide basic awareness to the people and save them from life threatening diseases.