Since the past few months, my phone had been receiving weak signals with frequent call drops and internet connectivity issues. Last week, the phone signals disappeared completely, paralyzing all communication and causing a major disruption to my work.

Repeated complaints with my service provider led them to carry out a technical survey, which disclosed the presence of signal boosters in my area. As per them, these signal boosters were the cause of all my woes.

I also came across a Pakistan Telecom Authority advertisement which day that the use of sub-standard signal boosters is causing interference with mobile networks’ frequency bands, deteriorating service quality; the same problems that I face. It said using boosters without holding a license constitutes a crime and its users along with buyers and sellers of these devices can be jailed or fined. Despite that, their use has become increasingly common.

The problem also seems to be weak law enforcement. For example, in Lahore, these signal boosters are readily available at shops on Hall Road and so far no action has been taken. I request the concerned authorities to initiate a strong crackdown against the sellers of these signal boosters.