KARACHI - More than 50,000 students having obtained D and E grades in their matriculation exams and seeking admission into Karachi’s government colleges were left in despair after it was reported there is no room to accommodate them.

All matriculation students, regardless of their grades, were automatically promoted this year under a government promotion policy formed due to the coronavirus pandemic that had led to the closure of schools and no exams.

The education department had announced 116,340 seats for admission in Karachi colleges, whereas in the past year, from Karachi’s matriculation board alone, 168,880 students had passed. Therefore, the 100% passing policy carved by the education department has failed miserably, with over 50,000 students denied admission in colleges due to the unavailability of seats.

Out of 52,540 students who have no place in any government college in Karachi this year, 37,309 students obtained a D grade whereas, 8,230 were promoted with an E grade. In the wake of the novel coronavirus, Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani had earlier said that all students from grades 1 to 12 will be promoted without any examinations, including those who have failed their classes.

Ghani had said that there will be no special exams this year and students who want to improve scores in any of their subjects will be provided with the opportunity to take exams next year.