RAWALPINDI     -    Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 has directed the owners of high-rise buildings and production units to install fire safety equipment to minimise the loss in case of any emergency.

District Emergency Officer (DEO) Ali Hussain said that the increase in fire incidents had taken place due to unplanned urbanisation. 

He said that owners of commercial buildings were also violating the fire and life safety codes.

Owners of high-rise buildings, warehouses and industries should comply with safety bylaws and install emergency exits and fire escapes, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and sprinklers, he said. He said that high rise building without fire safety equipment posing a threat to the businesses as well as the lives of traders, workers and residents of these buildings.

DEO urged the general public to learn precautionary measures in the incidents and of fire and dial helpline 1122 in case of any emergency.