Quaid-e-Azam once said, “There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”. In this line, Quaid-e-Azam firmly believed that Pakistan is and would be so powerful that no country would harm it. But unfortunately, political influence in all government and private institutions is taking hold which is more dangerous than that of external threats. No public or private organisation is saved from it.

In Sindh, there is a huge lack of meritocracy in government and private organisations. Every institution requires a political reference for every appointment or admission in it. If one seeks admission in any college or university, there is a need for influence. Similarly, the majority of graduate students do not apply for jobs because of political interference. Sindh hosts an environment for the huge influence of feudalism, nepotism and favouritism, and it lacks leadership and democracy.

Going to hospitals in Sindh, you would find yourself strange. Politically appointed doctors and paramedical staff do not care for those who lack influence. It is no doubt that they would look after those who brought them at their current positions. It is firmly believed whether anyone talks about merit, he would be sent home without any delay. In the time of General Elections, majority of people cast their vote for the remuneration of some rupees or in the greed of a job or work because a high rate of illiteracy prevails in Sindh Province.

Pakistan does not face threats from any external rival but it has great menace from her internal political influence. The youth needs a true, faithful and honest leader who could bring merit, political stability and democracy. The government of Pakistan and the judiciary should look after the country’s prevailing huge social problems. Pakistan needs meritocracy in all its institutions and organisations so that the country could get progress and prosperity.