With Musharraf gone, greater responsibility falls on political parties to act in the interest of country rather than in their own vested ones. The PPP's six months have proven to be worst in terms of quality (or lack) of governance, economic management, law and order, security issues, domestic and international affairs etc. There has been no rule of law in the country in this period, rather a kind of free for all for plunderers, be they street vendors or big businesses. This has absolutely devastated the poor. The unprecedented, almost runaway inflation, that is so callously defended by the incompetent ministers, has crushed the nation. Zardari has kept people's attention diverted to Musharraf while he kept breaking national pledges himself on restoration of judges. He exploited all others to his advantage while he kept a secret understanding going with Musharraf. When he felt his interests were threatened by the General, he removed him too. Looking at future, I would request PML-N, PML-Q and APDM to join hands to save the country from the sinister policies of PPP. -MEHBOOBE MOHAMMAD, Sargodha, via e-mail, August 21.