THE HAGUE (AFP) - Photos of movie stars, children and artwork Anne Frank pasted in her room 65 years ago as she hid in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam have been restored and will be on display, her museum said Friday. "The pictures illustrate Anne's interests and how these shifted during her time in hiding," said a statement by the Anne Frank museum, based in the annex the Frank family hid in for nearly two years during World War II. Anne Frank chronicled the details of her teenage life hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam from 1942 until 1944, when she was arrested and transported to a concentration camp, where she later died. Those accounts were later published in a book. During her hiding, she also decorated her room with a hodgepodge of pictures " Michelangelo's Pieta, Hollywood stars and little girls " many cut from a women's magazine, the museum said. Also restored were the lines father Otto Frank drew on the wall of the annex to mark the growth of Anne and her sister Margot.