ISLAMABAD -The additional charge assumed by the PPP Ministers of the portfolios vacated by the PML-N leaders has created an opportunity for the bureaucracy in the "orphan" ministries to get away with whatever they want. One of such case occurred in the Ministry of Petroleum where PS to the Federal Minister for Petroleum, after the resignation of Khawaja Asif on May 13, availed the benefit of Shah Mehmood Qureshi's engagements in his actual portfolio of Foreign Affairs Ministry, and started directing different heads of ministry's subsidiaries on the letterhead of the minister posing that those were the orders of the minister.        After PML-N's withdrawal from the federal cabinet on May 13, 2008, Ministry of Petroleum's additional charge was handed over to Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Taking the advantage of Qureshi's hectic engagements in his actual job as Minister for Foreign Affairs, PS to the minister, Dr Iftikhar started giving directions on the letterhead of the minister for the appointment of various people across the country in the subsidiaries of the said ministry, TheNation learnt reliably here on Saturday. "Dr Iftikhar, without taking due permission from the minister, also helped scores of people to get sanctions of tenders of the Ministry's projects as well as licenses for the establishment of CNG and PSO stations across the country", the sources told.      Sources in the ministry further told TheNation that Dr Iftikhar had taken huge amounts of commission from the said people for removing the obstacles of their way. "When after few weeks, the Minister came across the illegal appointments and issuance of orders regarding licenses for CNG and PSO station on his letterheads, he ordered a probe into the case and consequently his PS, Dr Iftikhar was suspended by the Establishment Division", the sources said.      Reliable sources in the Petroleum Ministry disclosed that Dr Iftikhar was just a part of a corrupt mafia in the Ministry who had done the job in connivance of other high-ups of the Petroleum Ministry. Suspended PS, Dr Iftikhar talking to TheNation said that he was totally innocent and had committed nothing wrong or unlawful. "I wrote letters, but according to set rules in which I had directed that the work should be done as per policy and merit, and this too I did on the pressure of PPP MNAs and Ministers", he added. He said that no appointment had been made on his direction anywhere in the country nor any license was granted for establishing CNG or PSO stations.