ISLAMABAD -Due to the severe financial crunch the government has dropped a project worth Rs 500 million thus barring Ministry of Social Welfare from establishing twenty child protection centers across the country, reliable sources told TheNation on Saturday. According to the sources, a summary was submitted to Planning Commission by Ministry of Social Welfare seeking approval for establishing twenty child protection centers all over the country. The numbers of child protection centers in Pakistan are not enough to provide protection to the destitute children, and currently only five child centers are operational the sources further informed. In 2004 when the Punjab Government came up with "Punjab Destitute and Neglected Children Act" the Ministry of Social Welfare decided to bring a comprehensive Child Protection Policy too. In early two meetings of Planning Commission, the project was approved but later in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council ECNEC, the programme failed to get a nod. Under this project, it was proposed to establish twenty child protection centers in 20 districts where crimes against children are on the rise. A ministry official when contacted told that the idea behind establishing twenty-child protection center was to make the implementation of the upcoming policy of Ministry of Social Welfare effective. As just simple implication of the Child Protection Policy is not enough for an affective implementation, we also need a strong infrastructure, he further added. However the ministry official expressed the hope that plan would be approved next year when there would be enough financial resources in government kitty to run the project. While briefing about the need why a specific policy to protect child rights was must, he said  "in Pakistan there are 78 laws that in one or the other way protects child rights to some extent but a specific law that provides complete protection does not exists. The Ministry of Social Welfare for the last three years is trying to come up with concrete mechanism to protect child rights. But due to the bureaucratic delaying tactics, it cannot' mange to gear up the process of chalking out a child rights protection policy so far.