The PPP leadership's motives behind removal of General (R) Pervez Musharraf are fairly exposed now; Mr Zardari and his party were otherwise rather comfortable working with the ousted President in lieu of his having granted them an NRO. But the Presidency beckoned and, even if not for the love of democracy, Musharraf had to be removed. Zardari's motives are clearer now that he has got a resolution of his own party legislators in his pocket proposing him for the slot on the hill. This is what he meant when he had said earlier "a jiyala will soon be in the President House". This is stunning news for people that Zardari is contemplating Presidentship, a post that is supposed to be held by a non-partisan person. God bless Pakistan if a person like him is made its president. -ENAAM E. HANID, Houston, Texas, USA, via e-mail, August 21.