LAHORE - In the modern age of today media has an important role to play in the process of character building of young generation in Pakistan. The institutions would have to play positive role to acquaint the new generation about Islamic values. The speakers at a seminar titled 'Responsibilities of Media in New Generations' Character Building' on Saturday organised by the Press Institute of Pakistan in cooperation with Afaq, an NGO working for quality education. The speakers include Editor The Nation, Arif Nizami, Punjab Secretary Information and Culture Orya Maqbool Jan, Afaq Chief Executive Abrar Ahmed, advertising expert Mukhtar Alam. Nizami said parents play pivotal role in character building of young people. "Earlier, it was just TV that was watched with the rest of family for entertainment programmes. Children were under their observation. Now after the introduction of Internet the children move to isolation. Now, they have more access to multimedia than the past. There is hardly any check on them as to what they should watch," he said. Nizami criticised the cable operators' action of acting as broadcasters. "They are airing obscene and vulgar programmes," he said. "We should not be disappointed with the situation as Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam too were not disillusioned at the time of making of Pakistan. There is always room for improvement. We have to move forward. Both Quaid and Iqbal had envisioned Pakistan to be a democratic and Islamic welfare state where there is tolerance," he said. Nizami criticised the new generation for failing to either read newspapers or watch informative programmes on TV. "They spend most of their time on Internet. We need to create awareness among the young generation. The media is playing positive role. The problem is that most channels are focusing on current affairs programmes. "Nawa-i-Waqt Group is playing its due positive role in character building of young generation. Phool magazine is one of its publications for grooming of children," Nizami said. He also praised the role of Afaq in this regard. "It is high time the media organisations seriously thought about character building of the young generation through programmes, media campaigns and debates. "Media is dependent on three things like science, art and skills. Scientific approach is required to inculcate values into minds and hearts of young generation while keeping in mind Islamic values and teachings," other speakers were of the view. They said that use of media in schools for character-building could prove an effective tool to get the desired results. They opined that in the early years at schools attitudes and behaviour of the children could be improves with the help of media. They suggested different activities at the school which could help attain certain objectives. Bazm-e-Adab programmes, campaigns focusing character-building of children, arrangements for visits of children to the offices of newspapers, media channels and magazines, publication  of class and school magazines and interviews of role models could help create the desired results.