When one part of Karachi plunges in darkness for saving electricity, the night sky of other parts remains brightened by floodlights and excessive lighting in shops and market places. Sometimes searchlights also slash across the Karachi sky, promoting certain businesses with an unseemly arrogance in a season of loadshedding. This is senseless as much as it is reckless on the part of the Karachites. In the face of this huge energy deficit, we will have to show some sense and responsibility. We can't go on merrymaking in floodlights like this. Some authority has to come up with a mechanism to switch-off all these high-wattage lights, particularly when other parts of city are in the dark. The government should show a steely will to curb this sort of extravagance. Why does it seem that after being entangled in the 'war on terror' over the last few years, the government has forgotten its responsibilities towards the civil society altogether? Here is hoping better sense will prevail -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, via e-mail, August 26.