KARACHI-A famous fashion designer Sheikh Amir Hasan was killed mysteriously here in the limits of Clifton police station on Saturday. Police said, Amir, resident of D-22, Shaikh Zar Apartment, Zamzama Street was found dead at his house. DSP Clifton Asad Raza while talking to The Nation said that a servant of deceased Tariq informed police about the body. In his statement, Tariq told police that when he reached Sheikh Amir's home in the morning, he did not get response after frequent knocking. Tariq,however, managed to get inside and saw the body lying on the floor of the room entangled with telephone cable wires. Tariq informed neighbours as well as police which arrived and took the body to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center. Dr.Jabbar medical Legal Officer at JPMC while talking to The Nation said assailants had shot him four times. In reply he said, marks of torture and ropes were not visible while culprits shot him four times. In addition, he said deceased either was drunk at the time of incident or not would be clear after the complete examination of the report. SHO Clifton Ishaq Lashri said that the deceased arrived home after some party in the midnight with some friends and suspected that the said friends might have killed him and managed to flee. Police suspect that culprits strangulated Shaikh and later put the pistol in his jaw and fired four times. Investigation officer of the case, Orangzeb Khan said that his servant Tariq was sleeping at the rooftop and when he opened the door found the body of deceased and phoned deceased friend Faisal on which Faisal arrived and informed police. He also said deceased brother Shaikh Jalal arrived from Multan and registered the FIR against unidentified culprits. The sources claim that deceased was gay and allegedly had done gay marriage which could be one of the reasons behind the incident. Meanwhile, Jalal told media men that he has doubt over some four names whom he informed to the police.However, Jalal took the body to Lahore for burial. Police further said that deceased Shaikh residing alone at his house here in Karachi and worked as Director Fashion Designer in a private TV channel while his family lives in Lahore.