LAHORE - Contradicting the media reports about agreeing to become a part of the 'great deal allowing former president Pervez Musharraf to escape the Article 6 of the Constitution, Secretary Information Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Ahsan Iqbal has said that it is not merely a PML-N issue but a demand of the 160 million Pakistanis who want to see the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution in the country. He also denied the reports that the PML-N had asked for the trial of Gen Kayani terming it as a disinformation. Ahsan Iqbal says his party is struggling to establish the writ of the Constitution and strengthening the democratic institutions, which had been destroyed by Gen (r) Musharraf. The PML-Ns renunciation of the demand of his trial may be the wish of some people but it does believes in sparing a person breached and violated the Constitution subverting and setting aside repeatedly, he maintains, warning it will give birth to anarchy in the country. Allowing Gen (r) Musharraf to formalise his exile will disappoint the whole nation who have been scarifying for the rule of law and democracy. Ahsan dispelled the impression that as a result of so-called deal, the PML-N would not pursue the demand for registration of a case against him and trial. Neither the PML-N nor the PPP-led coalition has the right to pardon the misdeeds of a dictator whom majority of the country considers the culprit of Lal Masjid killings, bloodshed in NWFP, igniting the fire in Balochistan, ruthless killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti and hundreds of missing people. Even the Parliament cannot provide him any indemnity as the indemnity itself is subjected to fulfilment of certain conditions. He will have to face the law like any ordinary citizen of Pakistan, says Ahsan. If we want to emerge as a respectable nation in the civilised world, we will have to bury the politics of deals and to quash the concept that the smooth running of the government affairs cannot not be ensured without maintaining the status quo, Ahsan remarks, adding it depends upon strengthening the institutions and following the principles of transparency, accountability and merit. If not, the slogans of good governance, provision of social justice and the dream to establish government writ for the peace are meaningless, Ahsan said. He said no formal or informal understanding could consign Musharraf to history until he is brought to the court of law and justice. Such rumours are simply baseless. He maintained that the PPP being a signatory to the Charter of Democracy (CoD) was under moral obligation to invoke Article (6) against the dictator. Citing November 3, 2007 acts, Ahsan Iqbal said the PML-N had strong conviction that Gen Musharraf alone was wholly responsible for all the constitutional violations as he set it aside whenever he deemed it inevitable to avoid any.