Spooks are back in business. One of them having risen from deep slumber, is now busy exploring his way around television channels and sprouting conspiratorial revelations. But for some, his political shenanigans are a great thriller. It can help them draw immense political mileage. Governor's House Lahore last week saw Musharraf apologists deliver one sermon after the other raising a pertinent point: there's probably no point in wasting time demanding what is not 'doable'. Former Law Minister Dr Khalid Ranjha must have deliberately avoided even mentioning Musharraf's name, but still had to face strong protest from a former jiyala MPA. The applause MQM MNA Waseem Akhtar received from the predominantly jiyala crowd clearly indicated that he had been invited there to say what the PPP leadership itself cannot say. Be it the Jinnahpur maps or the 1992 military operation in Karachi, the MQM guns were trained at the PML-N. Toast for the spooks *************** It doesn't take a genius to understand why former Sindh CM Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim is staying put in the UAE with the Generalissimo-no-more exercising influence to make sure he gets political asylum there. It's payoff time. After all, he kept persuading the Chaudhrys of Gujrat to postpone party elections until the end of the legal bar on his erstwhile patron taking part in politics. It didn't work and the quislings finally split. Doc wanted to join a faction that was neither associated with the Chaudhrys nor with Saleem Saifullah et al. But what an irony; he was rejected by Maqbool Sheikh, who heads the 'Independent Group'. Revenge, or whatever you may call it. Maqbool doesn't have to tax his memory to recall how his brother Imtiaz Sheikh was thrown out of the Sindh Cabinet by the ex-CM on trumped-up charges.