LAHORE The match-fixing incident allegedly related to players of Pakistan cricket team playing in England these days, has come about as another painful episode for the nation when it is already tormented by deadly floods, corruption, bad governance, terrorism, political tug of war, price-hike, plundering of resources, depression and many other social and economical maladies which is innerving them every moment. The match fixing story given the current milieu is not less than a tragic drama of the classical era. Cricket craze in Pakistan is admitted all over the world and the current incident has not only damaged credibility of the Pakistan cricket at the international level but it is also threatening future of Pakistan cricket which the country and the countrymen cannot afford. In our country, opportunities for recreation and enjoyment have already been squeezed and evaporated in the terror and fear stricken atmosphere. In Pakistan the knee jerk reaction to the incident is very strong but Board members have not come out with any positive answer for or against the accused cricketers while the Chairman Sports Committee of the Parliament has threatened to resign if Chairman Board Ijaz Butt is not removed from the office. Situation is tense and fluid and no one knows which way the cat would jump. Pakistan team in the past has been charged with the match fixing and in this connection an elaborated judicial inquiry was also held which found some very notable members of the Cricket team involved in match fixing and the commission had recommended very strong action against them which was pursued but the players got themselves cleared in the subsequent time. After that suspicions continued to be cast on Pakistan team so much so that when Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer died of heart in South Africa midway the world cup matches in 2007, Pakistan cricketers were detained for suspicions. This is happening in a situation when no country in world is ready to visit and play in Pakistan after attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore in March 2009. Pakistan Cricket Board is very rich and its office holders are enjoying hefty salaries in addition to privileges and perks. For that reason, the appointment of Chairman of Board has been coming to effect more out of political and other considerations than professional, merit and in the larger national interest, which has been resulting in bad decisions about the selection of teams members, captain, coaches, trainers etc. And that is why is our national team, after which heart of the whole nation throb, is considered to be highly unpredictable and uncertain one. Hence the basic flaw lies at the upper level moer than the lower. And when things are not on merit and in order at that higher level, rectification and order would naturally be absent at the lower level. In the present incident more perspicuous approach is required in view of background situation. Care is needed to make sure that any evil hand is not behind the matter to malign Pakistan cricket team particularly when almost the similar allegations emerged against the Indian cricketers in the IPL matches in India. And if the allegations are true and proved on good evidence, no concessions should be meted out to the culprits cricketers and a strict action should be taken against them for they have not brought ignominy to the country but have also badly hurt the sentiments of the whole nation and downed its head in shame.