KARACHI - MQM Leader Altaf Hussain has said that the country is on the threshold of a revolution that will overthrow the rule of injustice, deception and treachery. He said this, while talking to the MQM office-bearers of Lahore zone on the telephone here on Monday. On the occasion, Altaf was apprised of the relief efforts being made under the aegis of the party. He said that the feudal lords and capitalists had plundered the national wealth with both hands. Their looting has weakened Pakistan economically to such an extent that the very security and existence of the state is at the stake, he added. He said that the MQM was working to root out the medieval feudal system from the country by creating awareness in public. He maintained that the day would come when his would recover the looted wealth and ensure that the country moved forward on the path to freedom and prosperity. He lamented that feudal lords changed the course of floodwaters by cleaving embankments to save their crops. They had no qualms in drowning human population; Such tyrant feudal lords must be brought to book, Altaf claimed. The MQM chief said his party was accused of Jinnahpur conspiracy in 1992 and hence after 17 years, Brig Imtiaz and Lt Gen (r) Naseer Akhtar absolved the MQM by terming the whole episode a drama to malign his party. But during these seventeen years, the MQM was considered as traitor by the people of Punjab, he pointed out and added that likewise the party was accused of killing Hakim Muhammad Saeed in 1998 but after 12 years the then director general of Intelligence Bureau vindicated the MQM of the charge. Altaf Hussain pointed out that the MQM was the only political party that honours it workers. He said that his message was gradually making inroads in the Punjab as well as other parts of the country. He said that the people of the country had already started discussing about the change that must come in the country. He asked the office-bearers to leave no stone unturned in helping the flood victims. He appealed to the people to donate generously to KKF.