LAHORE - Sale of unhygienic food has increased up to dangerous level in the City and may result in the outbreak of infectious disease like Gastroenteritis which compelled the District Coordination Officer to impose ban under Section 144 on the sale of unhealthy commodities on Monday. However, the step was being taken in larger public interest while the order would remain in practice within the limits of Lahore district for two days only. In this regard, District Coordination Officer Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta prohibited the sale of a number of edible items including cut and unripe fruit, stale and effected vegetables, spurious and substandard beverages, Qulfi, Faluda and other such items and substandard 'Chattni and 'Acchar. He added that in his opinion there are sufficient grounds to proceed under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code 1898 as an immediate prevention and speedy remedy is desirable. Commenting on the order and imposition of ban on the sale of unhygienic and unhealthy food products and drinks, Irshad Ahmad advocate questioned whether the government and administration was not aware of sale of such unhealthy and sale of unhygienic food products or was ignoring it deliberately. Expressing apprehension, Muhammad Asghar said that the issuance of such type of order was the first time in the history of the country, which revealed that sale of unhygienic food and drinks had rapidly increased. It ultimately reached to such an extent, which compelled the government and administration to take notice of the practice of such hazardous activity on part of the traders. Munib Ahmad said that the traders were playing havoc with the health of the people since long and the government kept a mum on such a serious public issue, which is pathetic. Hassan while criticising said that finally government had noticed such serious and hazardous practice of the sale of unhygienic food products and substandard drinks with admitting that it had failed to overcome such criminal practice and traders involved in such heinous criminal act.