Water levels are beginning to drop in Sindh as the flood waters flow down the Indus River into the Arabian Sea. On its course towards the sea the flood waters inundated several villages along the coastline of Union Council Murid Khosa in Thatta. A breach in MNV Drain led to inundation of the Goath. The flood waters have cut off Sujawal from Thatta and Badin. Zamzama Gas Field is under threat of as water pressure mounted on MNV Drain embankments. The flood has devastated Kot Aalmo, Bailu, Syedpur and Sujawal due to the breach in Surjani Bund RD-17 at Kot Aalmo area. The water level in Sujawal city has risen by eight feet. Thousands who fled the waters that inundated neighboring towns complained about the shortage of food and water as they camped in a vast Muslim graveyard on a hill near Thatta city.