THATTA The unprecedented floods continued spreading destruction in lower Sindh, downstream of Kotri Barrage, as the breach at Surjani embankment on River Indus could not be plugged yet, resulting in inundation of more populated areas on Monday. And according to our monitoring desk, the people in around 100 villages of Badin were marooned after deluge, which devastated a vast area of Thatta, entered the district. The Sujawal town was now completely covered by floodwaters where a large number of people are still stranded while Navy personnel started evacuating them. However, there was some good news as well after the government announced that the Thatta City was no more threatened by deluge. The news came as around 85 per cent breach in an embankment at Faqir-Jo-Goth along River Indus had been plugged, which was posing the threat of inundation. Normal routine hustle bustle was visible around the town after a majority of the residents returned to their homes. During a visit to Thatta, the scenes of normal life was just opposite to the deserted look the city gave four days back when people fled in search of safer places. It may be recalled that the GOC Hyderabad during a visit the site of breach had advised the district authorities to issue warning for the people to leave the city within five hours, which spread panic among the people. Sindh Minister for Culture Sassui Palejo also confirmed that Thatta was no more threatened by deluge. She, however, said the breach at Surjani embankment could neither be plugged so far nor it was possible to do so until the water level receded in the river. She said the floodwaters were flowing towards Sujawal and surrounding villages, where evacuation of stranded people was underway. The provincial minister said that after returning of Thatta people back to their homes, the number of displaced people will be reduced significant level, while government will make sure the supply of food and other basic necessities to them. Criticising the federal government, Sassui said the federal government did not help the people of Sindh. Even, the NDMA failed to provide tents for the displaced people, who were living in hot and humid weather. She also attacked Sindh Minister for Irrigation Jam Saifullah Dharejo for not visiting Thatta and moving in heavy machinery to plug the breaches in time. Meanwhile, a citizen Kania Lal who was living at Makli graveyard said the government intentionally cut the Indus River at Surjani to inundate Sujawal because the people had voted in favour of Shirazi brothers, who are in opposition. Monitoring Desk adds: The furious deluge inundated almost 100 villages of Badin and hundreds of people were consequently marooned in areas of Nodohaaran and Jakhro Goth, reported private TV channels. The floodwaters flowing from Thatta turned furious by stormy winds also devastated precious crops. A 10km road stretch between Golarchi and Sajawal Khan has also been flooded and people of Budha Talpur have started evacuating their homes.