LAHORE - A petition has been moved in the Lahore High Court for detention of the Pakistani cricketers involved in match fixing scam and for initiating sedition proceedings against them under article 6 of the constitution. Ashtiaq Ahmed advocate filed the petition contending the players had brought shame to the nation and gave a bad name to the country by their 'involvement in match fixing incident in UK. PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt has also been made a respondent in the petition, holding him equally responsible for the dirty incident of match fixing on foreign land. The petitioner submitted the players had committed a crime against the nation and state of Pakistan which is in fact an act of sedition and accordingly they should face proceeding under article 6 of the constitution which deals against cases of treason with the State. He beseeched Pakistan Cricket Board should put life time ban on the guilty players and also confiscate their assets and properties which they had made during cricket career so that an example may be set for other players. He prayed all the guilty players should be arrested as soon as they reach back in the country. About the PCB chairman, the petitioner prayed to the court he, as a chairman PCB, should be included in the investigation along with the players. The petitioner also prayed for removal of Ijaz Butt from the slot of chairman PCB owning to the bad name that Pakistan cricket team earned for the country during his tenure. 10 shopkeepers arrested Price control magistrates of District Government have inspected as many as 3,257 shops on Monday in order to check prices and quality of products. During inspection, they found about 607 shopkeepers were overcharging and also were selling substandard and unhygienic edibles on which the magistrates challaned 540 shopkeepers and imposed fine of Rs 8,44,200 on them and also registered FIRs against 57 shopkeepers in different police stations. Some 10 shopkeepers were arrested as well.