LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday summoned the CCPO Lahore in a petition seeking recovery of missing doctor of Jinnah Hospital Dr Ali Abdullah on a question of handing over investigation to a senior police officer instead of a sub-inspector of Garden Town Police Station. Justice Ch Iftikhar Hussain was hearing habeas corpus petition filed by Dr Sarfraz Ahmed, father of Dr Ali Abdu-llah. In the court intelligence agencies including ISI have already made it clear the detenue doctor is neither in the custody of the agencies nor he has been arrested by them. Later on, the garden town police started investigation into the matter on the courts directions but the petitioner was still insistent that his son was in custody of ISI. However, on Monday, petitioners counsel Asad Manzoor Butt raised an objection that investigation officer (IO) in the said case was an official of the rank of a sub-inspector (SI) while sensitivity of the case required a senior police official to handle the investigation process. Abdul Manan, a reporter of an English newspaper, who according to the petitioner knows something about the whereabouts of Dr Ali Abdullah, was also present during Mondays proceedings on the courts direction. The petitioner counsel requested the court it was a matter of life and death of some person and the reporter may be ordered to disclose his 'source according to which he claimed in his story that the doctor was in custody of ISI. It is worth mentioning that earlier the reporter had refused to disclose his source taking a plea a reporter can not be forced to reveal his sources of 'information. The petitioner also requested the court that Ali Abdullah may not be in custody of the agencies but they should be again asked whether he (the doctor) was ever a 'wanted person in eyes of the agencies so that the picture may become clear. Dr Ali Abdullah is allegedly the same doctor who in Jinnah Hospital gave medical care to the terrorists who had got injured in the attack at Ahmedis worship place in Lahore. And the doctor is missing since then. The petitioner alleged that personnel of intelligence agencies abducted his son when he was on his way to home from the hospital.