People of Sindh are in a state of shock paralysis. The unprecedented floods have rooted out from abodes a very large population (some say more than thirty percent of the entire province) in 17 out of a total of 23 districts of Sindh. The ruination of flood continues unabated while these people sit on their haunches in numerous flood relief camps established by the Sindh government. These camps, too few and much too dilapidated in view of the mammoth number of affected people also lack basic amenities of health and sanitation. As per press reports, when a group of female teachers went to a flood camp outside Karachi to start classes for children, they were shocked to see that almost all the children were hungryfor the last two days. They had to, therefore, pay for their food first before the classes could begin. Press reports tell you of thousands of people, especially children, suffering from various diseases. A large number of children are dying daily due to acute shortage of medical facilities in camps. The incidents of looting of the affected people, happening constantly, is another tragedy that continues as do the floods. It appears the Sindh government has miserably failed in everything. Gastro and diarrhea have broken out in camps simply because standards of hygiene and food safety are not being maintained nor any proper medical facilities being provided to the sick among residents. The NGOs are the only one playing their (limited) part actively. -MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, August 28.