ISLAMABAD Pakistan Cricket team has not only disappointed its fans across the globe but also tarnished the image of the country after a news break alleged 7 of its players involved in match-fixing. As it had been predicted earlier by this correspondent, lack of killer instinct let the English side set a big target for the visiting team notwithstanding the fact that the English top order had collapsed before making 100 runs. The skipper Salman Butt didnt show consistent aggressive attack and as a result J, Trott and S, Broad made a world record partnership, breaking the record previously held by Wasim Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq. Had Butt used his bowlers in accordance with the developing match scenario the results would have been completely different. The teams performance under Salman Butts captaincy is gradually declining with every passing day, in fact Salman Butts own record as a batsman after becoming captain has not remained impressive. Since then he has not played a single inning in which he could score a century or even a half-century. The country has never witnessed such a shameful loss throughout its history. The way Salman Butt was given the captaincy raised many questions. It had been feared by some people the extra burden of captaincy would affect his own performance, which had been observed in the past too when he was made the vice-captain and he failed to cope with the pressure and ultimately lost his place in the national side. After the defeat at the hands of England, there came to the fore another disappointing news in which it was told that seven key members of Pakistani team including captain Salman Butt were allegedly involved in match fixing in the third test played at Lords. It was further said that Salman Butts close aide Mazhar Majeed, an England based bookie of Pakistani origin, had his role in the fixing of the game. It has happened not for the first time that the Pakistani cricketers were dragged into fixing scandal. Had the PCB taken action in the past against the players involvement in match fixing and if it had given away strict punishments to the culprits no one could have dared to repeat this shameful again. Pakistani players had relations with bookies in the past too. At one time Sharjah was the main nerve center of the bookies where they used to fix especially the Pak-India matches and even India once had refused to send its team to Sharjah because of the aforementioned reason. Rashid Latif and Basit Ali had pointed out the names of some players, which according to them were involved in match fixing. In fact Basit Ali retired from international cricket due to that dispute. The history of Pakistan cricket is full of such scandals which keep on haunting the team. It is not yet clear whether the News of the Worlds claim blaming some Pakistani players is authentic or not. But one thing is for sure that Pakistani players, time and again, have remained susceptible to offers made by bookmakers. If any of the players is found guilty of involvement in match fixing, he must be given exemplary punishment so no one could ever dare to repeat that shameful act again. The players involved in such crimes not only affect the team but also bring a bad name to the country, which gives them fame across the world. President of Pakistan, being the Patron-in-chief of the PCB, is duty-bound to act rather than giving mere statements and the history will not forgive him if he fails to act this time. Without wasting time any further, an adhoc PCB set-up be brought in for the time being after the completion of England tour. A Senate body should thoroughly investigate the allegations made against the team, and if anyone found guilty on the committees recommendations must be punished in accordance with the law.