ISLAMABAD The company whose cheating was unearthed by TheNation last month has again made inroads into the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited to get yet another contract of Rs 85 million by furnishing a fake bank guarantee. Documents available with TheNation reveals that the finance department of the state-owned exploration and production giant has reported that the Industrial Equipment Services (IES) had submitted a fake foreign bank guarantee to get award of carrying out a 3-D seismic data contract. Despite this finding of the finance department in black and white, the procurement department of the OGDCL is ironically set to award the contract to the IES considering it fit for the job. When contacted the newly appointed Managing Director of the ODGCL Naeem Malik assured that everything would be done according to the merit. And whosoever from my company would collide with a cheater or would dare spoil the merit, would be thrown out. Saying that he did not knowledge about the case, he, however, gave his undertaking that the OGDCL would not award any contract to anyone lacking even an iota of merit. He also thanked TheNation for pointing out fishy business in his company. Earlier sources informed TheNation that a group of powerful officials of OGDCL is indulged in ugly practice to give undue favour to IE Services for securing supplies orders. The price quoted by it for a different tender to supply sodium poly acrylate itself is a clear proof that entire process of evaluation and award of contracts to IE Services was also dubious. Another document shows that OGDC purchased the same product for $ 1.97 per kg earlier and the rates quoted by IES now are three hundred percent higher. TheNation had already reported this on July 3, 2010. http://www.nation. detected that instead of methanol, it had supplied empty under specification and rusted drums and made money. Each time the powerful group of OGDC not only protected IE Services from any inquiry for misdeed short supplies but also selected it through so-called evaluation and bidding process. Instead disqualifying the supplier for cheating and supplying under-spec materials, OGDCL officials qualified IE Services for yet another award of a contract of $ 1 million for supply of sodium poly acrylate. The OGDC officials who are protecting wrongdoings are continuously disqualifying other competitors for one or other reason to qualify IE Services for award of contracts for supply of different chemicals. This ugly practice has been going on in this key public sector oil and gas company for the last many months. The officials of Petroleum Ministry and top OGDC management seem totally ignorant of what is being done by procurement department to give undue favour to the companies like IE Services for shady deals. The number of contracts awarded to this one supplier during the last one year is clear proof that a powerful mafia of OGDC is giving undue favour to this supplier. The document available with this scribe shows that IE Services has been awarded over 50 contracts of millions of dollars for supply of chemical only during the last one year.