KARACHI The Pakistan Badminton Federation has issued a big charge sheet to its suspended senior vice president Naqi Mohsin in which he is accused of misappropriation of foreign exchange, misconduct, breaching the constitution and allowing unrelated persons to accompany teams on foreign trips. A special general body of the PBF convened under the constitution by the president of the PBF suspended SVP Naqi Mohsin and secretary PBF for alleged misuse of powers and a number of other unauthorized steps. The general body also set up an enquiry committee to allow them to explain their conduct. According to reliable information received here Monday, the PBF has asked the SVP to explain the spending of thousands of dollars that the PBF had received from the Asian Badminton Federation and from the IOC for running courses. It was alleged in the charge sheet that the money received was not credited in the PBF account. The charge sheet also asked the SVP to explain about 50 badminton rackets, 50 dozens of shuttlecocks and nets given by Asian Badminton Federation. The charge sheet alleged that Naqi Mohsin had committed irregularities for which the competent authority constituted five members inquiry committee during the special general body meeting of Pakistan Badminton Federation held at Islamabad on August 9, 2010, to probe into the allegations through the formal inquiry proceeding . The charge sheet alleged that Mr. Mohsin made certain changes in the constitution without authority, shifted office of the PBF from Islamabad to Lahore through allegedly forgey, reduced Islamabad vote from two to one and made a number of other changes. Mohsin was also accused of sending national teams to various events abroad without proper NOC or authority. He also allowed people who had no right credentials to be part of Pakistan national team. In the meantime, efforts are being made to get the names of individuals who had travelled abroad on official trip to play in a number of events in Europe and South East Asia.