Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said Tuesday it would not suspend top players accused over a betting scam while the claims are probed, but reports suggest they will not play the rest of the tour in England. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has promised "prompt and decisive action" if the allegations made by a British Sunday newspaper are proven, insisting that corruption would not be tolerated. Pakistani authorities have also promised severe punishment but the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said Tuesday it would not suspend any players while police investigated the players. "Chairman Ijaz Butt just told me that since there is a case going on with the Scotland Yard we are not going to suspend any player," a PCB spokesman said. "He further said that this is only an allegation so far. There is still no charge or proof on that account. So at this stage there will be no action taken." According to British media reports, the players named in the News of the World allegations -- captain Salman Butt, Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Asif and Kamran Akmal -- are unlikely to play in the series of one-day internationals against England.