ISLAMABAD - President PML-Q Likeminded Salim Saifullah Khan while demanding fair inquiry into the alleged involvement of Pakistani cricketers in match (spot)-fixing termed it shocking news for the whole nation adding injury to the insult. While citing Afridis retirement from test cricket, Salim Saifullah said that Shahid Afridi had also informed the team management regarding secret meeting of the alleged middleman Mazhar Majeed with some of the Pakistani players, however, the team management did not pay heed to his concerns. He suggested stern action against the team management for its negligence. Had it strictly monitored the suspected players the unfortunate incident would not have taken place, he regretted. He said that the evidence appeared conclusive and We are exposed to the world as cheats and fraudsters once again. He said that the specter of cheating had been hanging over Pakistan cricket for years. Our cricketers should have been ambassadors for us at this time - instead they have stabbed us in the back. There can be no running away from this one, no sweeping under the carpet because this may end up in an English court of law and we could even see our players in the dock - certainly as witnesses and possibly as accused. He said, We have lost face and reputation worldwide - and now no team will want to play against us since they will not be sure whether we are playing a straight bat or not? He warned that the incident had endangered future of professional cricket in Pakistan. He proposed that perhaps the only way forward was to literally start from scratch. Sack the lot, top to bottom. Anything less and the reek generated by these allegations will stick to us forever.