The current government is unable to frame any policies to handle any situation, no matter what kind it might be. There is a complete lack of coordination, lack of planning and lack of supervision in everything this government attempts to do. The floods in Pakistan are a case in point. The floods were colossal, the losses far beyond our collective imagination. The number of people suffering one blight or the other also turned out to be mind-boggling. We now have millions of homeless, hungry and diseased people on our hands, their cattle dead, farms inundated, houses and businesses swept off. The catastrophe is far beyond the capacity of an efficient, able and functioning government to handle, much less this paralyzed setup that is unable to move in eons. Even worse, the worst crisis of our history has, unfortunately, found our governments credibility at the lowest ebb, both at home and abroad. No foreign government, and none among the local people, is prepared to give anything worthwhile in aid for the affectees. It would have taken years anyway to build the wrecked infrastructure to return the conditions to some semblance of normalcy. But with the current state of affairs and the government we have at present, those years might be stretched to decadesif they remained at helm. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, August 29.