LAHORE The speakers at a debate titled violence - a growing menace and the role of state have said that Pakistani society is being seen as an emotional and without rule of law. Lawmakers, psychiatrists, lawyers and human rights activists at the event have said that that the time has come to be united against the growing trends of violence and law breaking. MUMKIN (a network of 18 major NGOs) organised the event at a local hotel on Monday. Justice (r) Nasira Javid Iqbal, Sajida Meer, Faiza Malk, Aima Mehoomd, lawyers, doctors and students were the speakers while Ali Imran was the moderator. They discussed the Sialkot incident in which two brothers were killed and Bahawalpur incident of torturing doctors by the police and they were of the view that the police never created a sense of protection among people instead it turned into a sign of fear. Nasira Javid said that the violence in Pakistan was connected to problems of authoritarian rule and it increased after the separation of Bangladesh. She said that the educated people should unite against the growing trends of violence as they were united at the time of lawyers movement for restoration of judiciary. Sajida Meer, an MPA of PPP, said that Chief Minister was losing grip over the administration otherwise such incidents could never happen. Aima Mehmood, ED Working Women Organisation, said that the education of women was also a solution of violence in country. A psychiatrist said that educated individuals must play their role against the trends of violence. She held that we as a whole must control our emotions and should learn to face and control criticism.