The government is still trying to live down the Federal Board of Revenue not having collected Rs 38 billion last fiscal year it was supposed to, for that made doubtful the current target of Rs 1952 billion, which was based on the fudged figure of Rs 1588 billion. The FBR claimed to have collected this amount instead of the Rs 1550 billion it actually did. The plan is supposed to include a ban on fresh recruitments as well as on fresh purchases and the imposition of new taxes. An underlying reason for doing all of this is that the government wishes to make the IMF happy. The IMF has suspended its aid to Pakistan, and is expected to review the situation sometime soon. Though the government seems willing to approve even more exactions from the common man, already burdened by more and more taxes and higher and higher energy costs, it does not seem ready to do what is needed to help balance the budget, which would be to reduce the princely scale of its expenditures, which would require that the members of the government give up their lavish lifestyles based on taxpayers money. It should also be noted that after the downgrading of American sovereign debt, Pakistan would find that the resultant austerity plans of other countries would lead to a tightening of the screws in the international lending agencies they control. The austerity plan involves more sacrifices from the people who are already uncomplainingly bearing the burden of the extravagant lifestyles of those who do not pay their fair share. Instead of imposing a tax on agricultural income, the government is casting about for measures to continue to splurge on its extravagances. It seems that the government is preparing to do what it should not: cut development spending. Governments are supposed to cut non-development spending and maintain development budgets if they wish to control their own budgets while keeping the economy growing. The present government seems bent on doing the opposite. The Eid break has only postponed the evil day, not cancelled it.