I was deeply convinced in my heart that the power trio in Karachi, keeping the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan, would hold their guns and the bloodbath would come to a halt, as all of them claim to be staunch Muslims and patriotic Pakistanis. But that did not happen and kidnappings and murders continued uninterrupted. Strangely enough our Interior Minister did not see violence anywhere in Karachi and our Prime Minister terms the killings not new but continuation of a process since the previous governments. Rest of the leaders have similar vision and they are busy in corrupt practices just to mint money and prolong their reign. Has anyone in the corridors of power ever thought for a single moment about the pain and grief of those mothers who have lost their sons, the fathers who had to shoulder the dead bodies of their sons for burial, the sisters and brothers who would never see their siblings again and lastly all those innocent children who were in dire need of their fathers to grow safely in this selfish world. So far not a single leader ever bothered to condole or express a word of sympathy with the bereaved ones and no one cared to extend his hand on the heads of the orphans. The month of Ramadan is almost over and Eid is at hand. There would have been a jubilant and pleasant scenario in Karachi had all the terrorists and bloodhounds not given free hand just for political gains. Now when more than half of the city is in the grip of panic and pain, has any single political or religious leader have the courage and humanity to visit and console with the aggrieved families who are compelled to buy coffin cloth for their dear ones instead of Eid gifts. This act on one hand would definitely lessen, to some extent, the grief of all those who had been deprived of their loved ones forever and who are going to miserably miss them on Eid day, but it may also lessen the burden of guilt of the visitor on the other. Lets not forget all these unfortunate sisters, brothers and children and try to approach them and do whatever in our capacity on this occasion of Eid because God is watching everything. MICHAEL KAROLUS, Lahore, August 27.