LAHORE Over three million homebound people on Tuesday left Lahore for their respective destinations to celebrate Eid with their families and friends. The City would present a deserted look on Wednesday (today). Reportedly, about four million outsiders are temporarily living in the provincial metropolis including government servants, business persons and working class people while the City witnessed their regular exodus twice in a year on the eve of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha. Their movement to hometowns created extra-ordinary rush on all means of transportation including road, rail and air. The transporters, taking benefit of the situation, have started overcharging and overloading due to the absence of transport authorities. To a question about overcharging, the transporters have a stereotype reply that they come back to Lahore without passengers. The exodus to celebrate this Eid had started on Friday and completed on Tuesday night, the last working day before Eid holidays, with the reportedly departure of above three million people. Majority of people especially government servants had started leaving the City on Friday by taking two or three leaves from their offices. Insignificant attendance was witnessed in the government offices on Tuesday. And huge rush at public transport continued especially on last three days, Saturday, Sunday and on Monday. The people from other provinces left Lahore on Friday while those belonging to various cities of the province left the City for their homes on Saturday and Sunday. Majority of the businessmen working in different markets left Lahore on Tuesday by using their own transport facility. On Tuesday morning, huge rush was witnessed at the General Bus Stand, Sherakot, Thoker Bypass, Babusabu Interchange and at other bus terminals at Bund Road and Ferozepur Road. The rush continued till evening, however, late night the ratio of passengers travelling went down, General Manager of Niazi Bus Stand told this reporter. A 60-years-old resident of interior Lahore told TheNation that the vast majority of those leaving for Eid were government servants. He said that the sectors generally housing official residences of the government servants were almost completely deserted, leaving mostly those who could not spare their official duties. He was of the view that there would be no business, neither political nor bureaucratic, during the entire Eid week. On the other side, though Pakistan Railways had announced to start four Eid special trains from Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar to cope with the extra rush during holidays, but the situation was no different at the Lahore Railway Station. Hundreds of passengers with their heavy luggage were observed at the Lahore Railway Station on Tuesday and the unavailability of trains especially at branch routes was being told the main reason behind such a rush. Reportedly, the PR move for arranging four trains for Eid passengers failed to cater to the requirement of a large number of travellers at all the four stations.