Cross-border aggression from Afghanistan in the form of indiscriminate missile attacks continues unabated. On Monday a barrage of missiles were launched from Afghanistan targeting a military check post in South Waziristan which injured four soldiers. Just four days back, a cross-border incursion by hundreds of armed militants from Afghanistan killed 36 people mostly members of Chitral scouts and policemen. Going on for the past many months, it is quite obvious that these attacks amount to a declaration of war on Pakistan. And the alarming thing is that the aggression is not limited only to missile attacks but well-organised ground attacks by hordes of militants armed with state of the art weapons. It is pretty obvious that the US, which mans Afghanistans borders, is complicit in all this. The Afghans consider themselves friends of Pakistan and whether it is the resistance busy in driving out the Americans out of their land or the common people, attacking Pakistan army will be the last thing on their mind. This aggression seems, therefore, to be an attempt of our so-called ally the US at destabilising Pakistan. Indian machinations in encouraging the Karzai government as well as the Americans to take on an anti-Pakistan posture also appear to be at work. At a time when we are surrounded by enemies, the leadership ought to wake up.