An American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, while quoting a Pakistani security official has reported that the Pakistanis civilian and military leadership was getting increasingly frustrated at continued drone attacks on tribal areas. This official also rightly told the newspaper that a one way relationship doesnt last. It was also mentioned in the report that the Pakistani government gave certain suggestions to the US to bring about changes in the drone operations but they were summarily rejected. The newspaper then opined that the public opposition of the drone attacks was becoming so much politically damaging to the leadership that they might ask the US to stop them. Since the US shows no intention of ceasing the strikes, we must shoot down these intruding planes without any fear. This frustration that the newspaper has talked about is the result of our leaderships double-mindedness as well as their subservience to the US. What we should be doing is to fiercely protect our sovereignty. And there is no doubt that the more the leadership dilly-dallies in bringing an end to these strikes, the more damage it causes to its credibility. Also the government must now make a decision, whether it is with the US or with its public. It can no longer simultaneously toe the US line and tell the people that it cares about them.